Saturday, August 6, 2011

Might I Actually Like This One?

So the cover art for the next Dragonball Z Tenkaichi game was recently revealed. 

When Budokai 3 came out, I honestly thought along with most people that it was the best DBZ fighter around. Then Tenkaichi came around. Although it was different I still always found myself going back to Budokai 3. I even preferred Super DBZ over Tenkaichi. If you haven't played Super DBZ on PS2, I recommend picking it up if you're a DBZ fan. It has great gameplay and you can actually customize the character's attacks and appearance. But back to my gripe. Over the past few years, it seems as if more attention has been going towards Tenkaichi-style games rather than Budokai. If anything, Budokai fans were let by Dragonball Z Burst Limit. While the game looked good, it had annoying mechanics. Drama pieces, laggy online, and Vegeta's abusive Final Flash. It's been 3 years and there hasn't been a mention of any sequel. So now I feel like I'm being trolled by these Tenkaichi games. I played Raging Blast and got bored with it quickly. The terrible camera didn't help either. I never gave the sequel a chance besides the demo. I would've actually bought the game until they mentioned that there were no GT characters in this game. It's like paying more for less. Dragonball Z Tenkaichi 3 featured 161 characters and that included GT characters. Why weren't they in Raging Blast 2? One of the game's creators mentioned that they didn't feel the need to feature the GT Saga. I'm not going to shell out a full 60 on something that could've easily been added to this game. All of this can be forgiven though if Dragonball Z ULTIMATE Tenkaichi lives up to it's name. I'm hoping that every character that could possible throw a punch and send someone through a mountain is in this game. I've liked what I've seen so far of the game. I wonder if character creation will really be a feature as well. Also, it seems that when Goku is on the cover by himself, the game is usually good.

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