Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Monday Night Combat's Free DLC Arrives Tomorrow

A list of all the big updates and changes can be found on Uber Entertainment's site.

Gran Turismo 5 vs Forza Motorsport 3 - AI Comparison

I'm glad Gran Turismo 5 wasn't too realistic or this would've been one deadly race. The circumstances under which these two races were held, like the difficulty for instance, was not mentioned. I don't think the AI is a huge problem in GT5 as I've seen other videos where this didn't occur at all. We've waited a long time for GT5 and damnit I'm going to enjoy it!

Thursday, November 25, 2010

One Thing Not To Be Thankful For.....

Is this Uncharted movie in the works. The Uncharted games are already like movies so why would you want to tarnish a franchise that's already defined by it's cinematic experience by making a shitty movie. Especially with actors that are in no way similar to the actually characters in the game. The only thing this movie (which I hope doesn't get made) could capture is the adventurous part of Uncharted. I don't see how Naughty Dog would let this happen. I guess you can't have a huge successful franchise without a crap movie dragging behind. The only thing I can do now is hope and pray that it's at least Prince of Persia decent. I didn't think that movie was that bad. Mark Wahlberg playing Nathan Drake. I just don't see it for some reason.

Any Similarities?
Cameron Diaz
Also, Robert DeNiro as Drake's father? And a role for Joe Pesci as Drake's uncle? Sounds like a big LOL-fest. Let me go ahead and get Elena for you while we're at this. Ohhhh yeah! Blonde bombshell!

Mark Wahlberg as Max Payne (2008)

And remember that Max Payne movie Wahlberg starred in? I always thought that if there was ever a Max Payne movie, that Eric Mabius should play the role. I remembered seeing Resident Evil a long time ago and Mabius was playing Matt Addison. And then I thought to myself, "hey, this guy looks just like Max Payne!"

I think I did a better job casting at least in the case of looks. Maybe I should focus on going into the movie industry instead of the video game industry. I definitely won't let anyone ruin our favorite franchises. I bet the Halo movie will receive much more care than this...

Other than my rage over this movie, enjoy your Thanksgiving, enjoy your football, and don't get trampled tomorrow if you go shopping. Take a gravity gun just in case!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

U.S. Yakuza 4 Trailer

This Is How Dissidia 012 [duodecim] Final Fantasy's Assist System Works

Looks like it works to me! The assist gauge has two levels. It builds up by attacking and using different moves. Standing around doing nothing depletes the meter. Once the first meter is filled you can press the L button + Cirlce to call for your assist character for an "Assist Brave" which lowers your opponent's brave meter. If you have the second gauge filled up along with the first, you perform an "Assist HP" when you press the L button + Circle. This attacks the opponent's Brave Points. This should add a little more strategy to the game. Hopefully no one exploits it. I think Square might get it right this time though. No tweaks!

Black Rock Shooter: The Game Finally Unveiled!!!

Turns out it's a shooter with RPG elements. Imageepoch finally spilled the beans.

The year is 2051 and aliens have wiped out Earth. Twelve people have survived and it's up to them to make a stand. This whole "She will wake up" stuff reminds me of Gungrave: Overdose. Grave had to wake to annihilate an alien threat. Oh well. Summer 2011 in Japan of course is the date.

Check out the Gungrave games though if you've never played them. Pretty decent games.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Hyperdimension Neptunia's North American Site Is Up!

It actually opened up a couple days ago. Not much is there except for a little info on the story, one character, one world and some screens. Better than nothing!

Hyperdimension Neptunia Official Site

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Blade & Soul G-Star 2010 Trailer

The trailer was released early, but hopefully we'll see more of this MMO since G-Star officially starts tomorrow and ends on the 21st.

Anything But Characters As DLC....

Why are developers still doing this? Especially with fighting games. It seems like unlockables from back in the day and DLC have swapped roles. The only difference, in most cases, is that you have to pay for the DLC. Capcom is bringing Jill Valentine and Shuma Gorath to Marvel vs. Capcom 3 via DLC. If you pick up the limited edition version shown above you'll have access to them early. If not, you'll have to wait four weeks after the game's release to use them or rather download them. And I hope you do not have to pay for them. Besides, us knowing about these characters now means they should already be included in the initial release. Maybe it's just the traditional gamer in me but I don't think this game needs to have any characters as DLC. We all know this game should do just fine in sales but I guess we could blame the economy for paid DLC right? 

I can't sit hear and just point fingers at Capcom though because they're not the only ones. Blazblue is slowly coughing out characters as DLC. I think Super Street Fighter IV did it right by having all characters available from the start. The only DLC the game has to offer is alternate outfits. They may cost too much for some but I'll buy them if they look cool. The limited edition of Marvel vs. Capcom 3 also includes:
  • 12-page prologue comic written by Frank Tieri (the story writer for the game)
  • 1 month subscription to Marvel Digital comics
  • steelbook case

Reserve the game and you'll receive a set of washable, 5" x 7" console decals made by Fathead seen to the right.

Vudu Coming to PS3

The PS3 is slowly winning my vote for system of the year. The Playstation 3 is now adding Vudu to it's arsenal of "EVERYTHING." Vudu is a pay-as-you-go streaming service that offers HD movies and TV shows in HD and 5.1 Surround Sound. Vudu won't require a subscription at all and it's not a Playstation Plus exclusive. Vudu will be available next week! Keep it up Sony!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Want Hatsune Miku To Have An English Voice?

You can help her get one by liking her English Facebook page! Hatsune Miku creators Hiroyuki Ito and Wataru Sasaki stated that if her page receives 39,390 likes it could happen! We can do it! Baby steps! Maybe then will the Project Diva games and Dreamy Theater be released here!

Hatsune Miku's Facebook Page [Facebook]

No More Packages From Japan

AMERICAAAA!!!!! FUCK YEAH!!!!!!!!! Fuck no. The U.S. has decided to ban Japan from shipping products to us because of our terrorism fears. When I say our, don't consider me part of it. The way I see it is that there is no such thing as fear. Alot of people fear death, but it's a part of life. It can be unexpected sometimes, but it happens. One of my good friends posted this on Facebook and I thought it was hilarious: Fear = False evidence appearing real. I agree with him too. That guy is smart. No wonder his blog is called Smart Brother. You should follow it if you like some deep intellectual thoughts to help you along the day.

BACK TO THE TOPIC. Japan's main international delivery service, Japan Post, were forced to indefinitely stop accepting any items over 453g (which is about 1 lb) in weight for air shipment to the U.S. or its various island territories due to these "fears." According to Sankaku Complex,  companies holding business accounts with Japan Post shouldn't be affected but small businesses and individuals are. Now let's get back to enjoying our freedom!

USA Bans Japanese Packages Over Terrorism Fears [Sankaku Complex]

Monday, November 15, 2010

Bleach: Soul Ignition Screens

 This game looks like it actually might be good! Looks like either an action adventure or an action RPG title. Jump Festa next month!

Another New Marvel vs. Capcom 3 Reveal

We have Tron Bonne and now Zero so I just know Mega Man's announcement is right around the corner!

New Bulletstorm Trailer

Okay, I'm interested now.

She-Hulk Is In Marvel vs Capcom 3!

Didn't see this one coming. Not at all..

Shrrrip indeed.

Friday, November 12, 2010


NOVEMBER 24th!!! Sooner than I expected! Time to go look for new steering wheel!

First Trailer for L.A. Noire

This game looks amazing. I'm not even going to question the gameplay since it'll probably play similar to GTA. The way these in-game models express themselves is as realistic a video game can get. It felt like I was watching a soap opera. A good one though. Definitely picking this up in the Spring.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Huge Manga Franchise Making Its Way to PS3

Bleach (which I was a huge fan until I read the latest chapters) is finally making it's appearance on a next gen console other than the Wii. Sony is plan on releasing Bleach: Soul Ignition on the PS3 next year in Japan.

From looking at the scans, it seems Ichigo, Rukia, and Uryu are playable. (Where's Chad?!) Hopefully we'll get more details next month during Jump Festa taking place December 18-19.

Monday, November 8, 2010

God of War: Ghost of Sparta Giveaway

I'm finally getting around to doing a giveaway. This is the first one! I'm going to try and do one every week. If not, then every month. The first game up for grabs is God of War: Ghost of Sparta. This was an extra copy given to me. It's not sealed and the Deimos code is not included. Other than that, the game is practically new. Just send an email titled Kratos to FTGgiveaways@gmail.com by 12 AM PST and I'll randomly select a winner! Good luck!!!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Borderlands Title Update 1.41 Finally Up For Xbox Owners

Downloading NOW!

Man Arrested For Posting Pokemon Images Before Game Publishing

In Japan, a man named Makato Sekiguchi was arrested Tuesday for posting images of the starter Pokemon from Pokemon Black & White before the game's release date. Using a cell phone, the 27-year old Sekiguchi posted these images on the internet around 8:00 PM on September 1st. Sekiguchi claimed he posted the images because he wanted to "show everyone the characters that haven't been made public yet." Sekiguchi is a part-time company from Yokohama and also a part-time employee for Team Rocket. The police caught wind of these images while "cyber patrolling." I want to get paid by the hour to do that.

Code Geass in Tales of Graces F

It sucks that there are no plans to release this in the states. Even if it was, I doubt we'd be getting all of this cool content. I'm an anime fan and I also watched Code Geass so this should be great news for Geass fans and importers. Here's the scan from Famitsu.

That's Sophie in C.C.’s costume and Asbel Lhant with Suzaku Kururugi’s outfit. Cheria is representing Kallen and Richard is Zero. These outfits add to the already announced Toro and Hatsune Miku outfits. Most likely you'll have to pay for these...

NBA Elite 11 Slammed

Serves you right EA Sports. You may have taken my 2K football but you will not have my NBA!!!! Both sides of the EA/2K war though will be happy with the NBA Jam though right? I have to give my thanks to Youtube user Hard8times for bringing this all into motion. In the he posted below, there were alot of glitches and bugs present into demo, especially the know infamous Jesus Bynum.

Jesus Bynum
Next thing you know EA delayed they game and said that the future development of the franchise will be handled at EA Tiburon in Orlando. That's the same group responsible for Madden. The same group that offers you $60 roster updates and new boxart. One guy did manage to get his hands on a copy from ebay that was considered damage for $255, but I guess there's no need for it now since he'll have no one to play against online. The same person tried to stream gameplay of the title, but that was killed by a copyright infringement claim made by EA Sports. NBA Elite was announced dead by EA's chief financial officer, Eric Brown, during an investor call. I guess it's back to tryouts for this basketball sim.

Borderlands Title Update 1.41 Is Up for PS3 and PC

Xbox 360 update? Lost in Pandora apparently. Maybe it'll be up later! The update includes:

  • Level cap increase of 8 levels for all players (original Borderlands players will now be able to achieve level 58; owners of The Secret Armory of General Knoxx can achieve a maximum level of 69)
  • Enemies now scale to new level caps throughout the whole game as long as playthrough 2 has been completed.
  • Item drops (with the exception of COM Decks) will now scale to new enemy level caps.
  • DLC4 Achievement/Trophy glitches that have affected some users will now properly award players for obtaining these achievements.

The Tester Season 2 Episode 1

Meredith Molinari
So I just watched this. Took forever for the Playstation Network to update. Compared to last season, this cast seems more colorful. There's a huge variety of backgrounds and personalities. I was a bit baffled at some of these contestants though. How could you possibly get on a show for a specific platform and not know anything about the software?  Also the show had those stereotypes and went out of their way to acknowledge them. For instance, the "Frat Boy." Dude was a total BRO. Shooters and sports games! That was brave how he admitted to only playing those types of games and not caring for RPGs. It reminds me how some of my friends are. It's cool when you play games like NBA 2K11 or Call of Duty with them but the moment they see you playing an RPG or something weird like Okami they berate you with "fag" or "gay." And then we have Big Fazeek. All those games and struggling with that easy challenge. If you're a real fan of games (and I know many of you are out there), I'm pretty sure you would've aced that first challenge. It hurts to see people miss Fat Princess. That is a huge PSN title. Seems like this season is off to a good start though. I'll continue to watch though (probably just to see Meredith) as these contestants struggle to win this entry-level position.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Rurouni Kenshin Coming to PSP

In Japan.  Besides Jump Ultimate Stars, Kenshin's last video game appearance was on PS2 in 2006. It was a fighting game titled Enjou! Kyoto Rinne. This new PSP is a fighter titled "Rurouni Kenshin: Second Hirameki." It's release date has been listed as Spring 2011. Hopefully we'll get a U.S. release!

Rurouni Kenshin Making A Comeback On PSP [Siliconera]

So No More G4 on DirecTV

This is rather disappointing. How can you claim to be the best if you don't have the best. G4 is pretty much the only technology channel and DirecTV is denying it from its "tech-savvy" viewers. I think it's time to go back to Dish Network. Here's the statement from G4's website:

"We are very disappointed with DirecTV’s decision to drop G4 as of November 1, 2010. We have done everything in our power to reach a fair and equitable long-term extension with them to continue to carry our network. This is especially frustrating since our offer to them was the same basic deal that we’ve had with DirecTV for the past three years. However, DirecTV rejected this offer thereby denying their subscribers the only network dedicated to today’s web-inspired, tech-savvy, gamer lifestyle.

We here at the Network are extremely proud of the value we bring to the millions of viewers who watch G4. Through programming like Attack of the Show, X-Play, Ninja Warrior, Web Soup or our exclusive live coverage of the E3 gaming Expo, Comicon, CES and the Tokyo Game Show, G4 remains committed to proving "plugged in" programming which makes this network such a unique channel that television has to offer.

If you are a DirecTV subscriber please contact them directly at 1-888-9-WeAreG4 to voice your disappointment for dropping the service.  You do have a choice when it comes to getting your TV service. Please enter your zip code below to find a list of providers in your area who carry G4.

We are sorry to our fans who are affected by DirecTV’s decision and are hopeful that they will agree to have G4 back up on their service in the very near future. In the mean time, we thank you for your support."

Better hit up the DirecTV hotlines if you really want your G4 back. DirecTV claims the reason for the drop was because of rising costs and that it was one of the lowest rated networks. Currently, they have no plans of revive the channel....

Monday, November 1, 2010

Xbox Fall Update

So finally the big fall update is available for EVERYONE.  This new update adds Kinect support, ESPN, updates to Zune and Netflix, and also other improved features for all 360 consoles. I've had the preview for awhile but I'm finally glad it's officially out. While in the preview, I had to update my 360 almost every single time I turned it on. Drove me insane! Also alot of the Avatar functions were disabled, (not that I cared for that) but one thing I've definitely been enjoying was the slick new interface and the edition of ESPN.

I just heard about DirecTV dropping G4 so could you give us that Microsoft? Probably not. But along with this update make sure you update your room for Kinect. Unlike this family, I damn sure don't have enough room to use it. Maybe I could buy download from space from the Marketplace.

Malicious is Out!!!

I've been so caught playing Storm 2 and I forgot all about it!!! It's been out since October 27th I'm going to get it ASAP. It's in the Japanese Playstation Store so if you have ¥800 to spare get it!

Still Dreaming....

Call of Duty: Black Ops Launch Trailer

I really want this, but then again...I don't. To me, this game is just like what Call of Duty: World at War was to the World War II based Call of Duty games. We'll see though. If alot of my buddies get it, I'll probably pick it up....