Monday, November 1, 2010

Xbox Fall Update

So finally the big fall update is available for EVERYONE.  This new update adds Kinect support, ESPN, updates to Zune and Netflix, and also other improved features for all 360 consoles. I've had the preview for awhile but I'm finally glad it's officially out. While in the preview, I had to update my 360 almost every single time I turned it on. Drove me insane! Also alot of the Avatar functions were disabled, (not that I cared for that) but one thing I've definitely been enjoying was the slick new interface and the edition of ESPN.

I just heard about DirecTV dropping G4 so could you give us that Microsoft? Probably not. But along with this update make sure you update your room for Kinect. Unlike this family, I damn sure don't have enough room to use it. Maybe I could buy download from space from the Marketplace.

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