Wednesday, November 3, 2010

NBA Elite 11 Slammed

Serves you right EA Sports. You may have taken my 2K football but you will not have my NBA!!!! Both sides of the EA/2K war though will be happy with the NBA Jam though right? I have to give my thanks to Youtube user Hard8times for bringing this all into motion. In the he posted below, there were alot of glitches and bugs present into demo, especially the know infamous Jesus Bynum.

Jesus Bynum
Next thing you know EA delayed they game and said that the future development of the franchise will be handled at EA Tiburon in Orlando. That's the same group responsible for Madden. The same group that offers you $60 roster updates and new boxart. One guy did manage to get his hands on a copy from ebay that was considered damage for $255, but I guess there's no need for it now since he'll have no one to play against online. The same person tried to stream gameplay of the title, but that was killed by a copyright infringement claim made by EA Sports. NBA Elite was announced dead by EA's chief financial officer, Eric Brown, during an investor call. I guess it's back to tryouts for this basketball sim.

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