Tuesday, November 2, 2010

So No More G4 on DirecTV

This is rather disappointing. How can you claim to be the best if you don't have the best. G4 is pretty much the only technology channel and DirecTV is denying it from its "tech-savvy" viewers. I think it's time to go back to Dish Network. Here's the statement from G4's website:

"We are very disappointed with DirecTV’s decision to drop G4 as of November 1, 2010. We have done everything in our power to reach a fair and equitable long-term extension with them to continue to carry our network. This is especially frustrating since our offer to them was the same basic deal that we’ve had with DirecTV for the past three years. However, DirecTV rejected this offer thereby denying their subscribers the only network dedicated to today’s web-inspired, tech-savvy, gamer lifestyle.

We here at the Network are extremely proud of the value we bring to the millions of viewers who watch G4. Through programming like Attack of the Show, X-Play, Ninja Warrior, Web Soup or our exclusive live coverage of the E3 gaming Expo, Comicon, CES and the Tokyo Game Show, G4 remains committed to proving "plugged in" programming which makes this network such a unique channel that television has to offer.

If you are a DirecTV subscriber please contact them directly at 1-888-9-WeAreG4 to voice your disappointment for dropping the service.  You do have a choice when it comes to getting your TV service. Please enter your zip code below to find a list of providers in your area who carry G4.

We are sorry to our fans who are affected by DirecTV’s decision and are hopeful that they will agree to have G4 back up on their service in the very near future. In the mean time, we thank you for your support."

Better hit up the DirecTV hotlines if you really want your G4 back. DirecTV claims the reason for the drop was because of rising costs and that it was one of the lowest rated networks. Currently, they have no plans of revive the channel....


  1. I love watching G4 and I get it in HD since I subscribe to DISH Network. I'm really sorry to hear DIRECTV has decided to remove it from its channel line-up. As a DISH employee I can also tell you DISH Network has over 200 national HD channels which is more than any other TV provider. You should check out DishNetwork.com for more info.