Thursday, November 25, 2010

One Thing Not To Be Thankful For.....

Is this Uncharted movie in the works. The Uncharted games are already like movies so why would you want to tarnish a franchise that's already defined by it's cinematic experience by making a shitty movie. Especially with actors that are in no way similar to the actually characters in the game. The only thing this movie (which I hope doesn't get made) could capture is the adventurous part of Uncharted. I don't see how Naughty Dog would let this happen. I guess you can't have a huge successful franchise without a crap movie dragging behind. The only thing I can do now is hope and pray that it's at least Prince of Persia decent. I didn't think that movie was that bad. Mark Wahlberg playing Nathan Drake. I just don't see it for some reason.

Any Similarities?
Cameron Diaz
Also, Robert DeNiro as Drake's father? And a role for Joe Pesci as Drake's uncle? Sounds like a big LOL-fest. Let me go ahead and get Elena for you while we're at this. Ohhhh yeah! Blonde bombshell!

Mark Wahlberg as Max Payne (2008)

And remember that Max Payne movie Wahlberg starred in? I always thought that if there was ever a Max Payne movie, that Eric Mabius should play the role. I remembered seeing Resident Evil a long time ago and Mabius was playing Matt Addison. And then I thought to myself, "hey, this guy looks just like Max Payne!"

I think I did a better job casting at least in the case of looks. Maybe I should focus on going into the movie industry instead of the video game industry. I definitely won't let anyone ruin our favorite franchises. I bet the Halo movie will receive much more care than this...

Other than my rage over this movie, enjoy your Thanksgiving, enjoy your football, and don't get trampled tomorrow if you go shopping. Take a gravity gun just in case!

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