Wednesday, November 3, 2010

The Tester Season 2 Episode 1

Meredith Molinari
So I just watched this. Took forever for the Playstation Network to update. Compared to last season, this cast seems more colorful. There's a huge variety of backgrounds and personalities. I was a bit baffled at some of these contestants though. How could you possibly get on a show for a specific platform and not know anything about the software?  Also the show had those stereotypes and went out of their way to acknowledge them. For instance, the "Frat Boy." Dude was a total BRO. Shooters and sports games! That was brave how he admitted to only playing those types of games and not caring for RPGs. It reminds me how some of my friends are. It's cool when you play games like NBA 2K11 or Call of Duty with them but the moment they see you playing an RPG or something weird like Okami they berate you with "fag" or "gay." And then we have Big Fazeek. All those games and struggling with that easy challenge. If you're a real fan of games (and I know many of you are out there), I'm pretty sure you would've aced that first challenge. It hurts to see people miss Fat Princess. That is a huge PSN title. Seems like this season is off to a good start though. I'll continue to watch though (probably just to see Meredith) as these contestants struggle to win this entry-level position.

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