Wednesday, September 29, 2010

A Great RPG Available on DSiWare

Zenonia, originally released on the iPhone, is now available for the Nintendo DS. A sequel was released on iPhone so hopefully that will be released on the DS as well. Anyways, I highly recommend purchasing this game if you're an RPG fan. On top of it's fun combat system, Zenonia gives you the ability to choose your class and also gives you choices to make as you decide on whether you want to be good or evil. The leveling system is deep but not too complicated. You can also learn many special moves to mix up the combat and devastate foes.

I purchased this game when it came out for the iPhone but I never had a chance to finish it. How can you recommend a game you didn't even finish?!?! Well, I got pretty far in the game but all that effort was wasted when I dropped my iPhone. Twice. On cement. It still functional, but eventually gray spots clouded my screen and got in the way of my Zenonia happiness. But now I have the opportunity to start over with better controls and finish it. By better controls I mean, I have big thumbs and I had trouble sometimes navigating Regret, the main character, on the iPhone. Zenonia is available now for 800 "NintenPoints."

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