Thursday, September 9, 2010

Super Robot Taisen L Trailer

ROBOTS, ROBOTS, AND MORE ROBOTS!!!!!! If you're familiar with this series already you know it features robots or mecha from various series such as Gundam, Evangelion, etc. The story description from Play-Asia:

Mankind have conquered space travels and have set up colonies in distant planets. With more resources, mankind should prosper, however, the awakening of the ancient evil kingdom put a halt on all things. The war with this enemy causes earth to fall into a food crisis, and so taxes and demand on the colonies rise. 

The war that will wipe across the galaxy and all your favorite mecha anime series is breaking out. Take your mecha and become a war hero. Older mecha such as the Gundams in Seed and Destiny, newer ones, such as the Macross F Valkyries and Kurogane no Linbarrel will be available for piloting. 

Sounds and looks like fun. Hopefully it'll be released here in the states.

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