Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Angry Sonic Fan's Film Concept Leaked Online

You have fans. And then you have HARDCORE fans. Richard Kuta, formerly known as AKnotHoleResident on Youtube, was one of those hardcore fans. His Youtube page no longer exists but the rant still remains.....

Kuta was making a fan film to celebrate Sonic 4's release, but as you can see by his reaction, he was not too pleased. I didn't think Sonic 4 was a bad game. I didn't react like that when I first saw it either, but I do wish it was completely 2D. Recently, a zip file containing 66 MB of concept art, character sheets, soundtrack descriptions, storyboards, and details of a trilogy regarding Kuta's fan film was leaked on 4chan's /v/ board. The 136-page script, that's registered by the Writer's Guild of America, was also leaked. I'm not going to post anything here, but TSSZ has a few of the images posted. Kuta, wherever you are, (Knothole maybe?) don't let one bad Sonic game get you down! It's like Obama said, things will get worse before they get better. So finish your Sonic film and make those true Sonic fans proud! Check out Rodea the Sky Soldier too! If you want to keep up with the film's progress, subscribe to AnimatedSonicFanFilm on Youtube. A teaser is planned for release this month.

Richard Kuta’s Sonic Fan Film leaked [TSSZ]

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