Sunday, February 13, 2011

What Should I Do?

I ain't snitchin'!
One thing I hate in life is thieves. Having someone take something that you worked so hard for can be devastating. There's so many wannabe Sly Coopers out there. Just about everyone you could name has stolen from me. Friends, family, strangers, and now even my own neighbors. (WTF!). I know we're all not perfect people so I will admit, yes, I've stolen before. I was young and didn't know people used cash to pay for stuff. I was also living in Germany. But here's a brief history of my encounter with these "thievius raccoons." Within my first year in the states, my parents bought a nice set a chairs to go on our front porch. In broad daylight someone backed a red truck into our yard, loaded them up and stole them. Since my neighborhood was sort of ghetto at the time, the "no snitching" policy was in effect.  Those were completely strangers. (We later found the chairs in another neighborhood...) Next, we have friends. Friends steal in a number of ways. Either they take it when they are visiting or you let them "borrow" something and you never see it again. I lost many Dreamcast games because of these "friend" practices. That's a tiny part of the reason why I don't believe in that f-word anymore.

Now, my own family. When I first got my PS2, I was in love with that thing. My PS2 collection was huge back then and it still is. Down the street where my cousins stayed, they owned a PS2 as well. Here's the catch though: I owned a memory card. They didn't. With me owning so many PS2 games, I had alot of save data. I also ALWAYS kept my memory card in my PS2. So one night, the oldest of the cousins came over. We hung out for a bit and then he left. I went to go play my PS2 and I noticed  my memory card was gone. I searched everywhere and could not find it. Next, I called down the street and asked if my cousin had it. He said no, but I wasn't giving up and I'm not that easily deceived. So, I hang up and call back and ask to speak to the younger brother (the most honest person you could ever meet). I say,"I think your brother stole my memory card." He says hold on and goes and looks. Next thing you know, my door bell rings. The younger cousin is standing there holding my memory card. He said he found it in their clothes drawer. I thank him and proceed to my PS2. I load up a PS2 game and it says "No Data Found." I'm baffled. So I reset the PS2 and check my memory card.......It's wiped clean. I exploded in tears. All that hard work, all those games that I played. All for nothing. I called back down the street to tell my uncle what happened and he didn't really care. When my parents came home that night, I told them what happened and they tried to get the rest of the family to punish my cousin, but he lied and got out of it. It took me a long time before I looked at or spoke to him again. And hey, if you ever read this, I just want you to know that I have forgiven you, but it would be nice if you would apologize to not only me, but to yourself as well. Get your shit together.

Not to be outdone, another cousin decides to cross me. I swear this kid is a kleptomaniac. I've never met anyone capable of stealing so much. The only thing he got away with (which I got back from another cousin) was my Dragon Ball Supersonic Warriors 2 on DS. He tried to steal my DSi and so many 360 games. But let me tell you how bold this kid is. When I had my Elite, the wireless adapter was always attached to the back for probably two years straight. One day a Final Fantasy-like, giant spider attacked me and some other cousins and in the midst of the commotion, the little bastard took it the adapter from the back. After we defeated the spider we went to play NBA 2K10 and all it said was "Signed in" on the 360. I tried to download the living rosters and couldn't. I looked behind my 360 and the adapter was gone. I like how he sweared he didn't have it. Something that's been attached to my 360 for two years just doesn't get up and decide to leave. :/

Aaaaaaand finally, the neighbor. This is fairly recent. Like last Wednesday recent. So I ordered a Japanese 360 awhile back and I saw online last Tuesday night that it was going to arrive that following morning at 10:30 AM. Fedex was responsible for the delivery. I was super excited because I had a stack of Japanese games that I wanted to try out. (Gotta get my shump on!) So I get out of class early and get home around 10. Ten-thirty passes by. No delivery. I wait 30 more minutes. Still no delivery. So I check Fedex's website. It said it was delivered at 9:34 AM. I figured my parents signed for it and were keeping it to play a joke on me. They leave to run some errands and I call them asking if they signed for a package. They said no. So now I'm in a state of WTF. I call Fedex and demand to know what happened. Turns out, the idiot delivered it to the house across the street. This lady that stays across the street has two crazy dogs. They bark at anything and everything. If I was a delivery guy and two huge dogs greeted me at the fence, I would second guess the address, but apparently this guy didn't. So I'm standing outside waiting for this lady to come out. She comes out twice so I know she's home now. I'm pretty sure she knows that package is not hers. I mean, how often do you see black people, especially in the ghetto, ordering stuff from Japan. It even said Asia all              
around the box. So now I'm pissed. I call Fedex and tell them what happened and they tell me they are going to send the driver back to retrieve my package. While I wait, I see the police pass by. I chase them around the corner til they stop. I tell them how she forged my name and has my package. I saw on Fedex website where she signed "J. WRIGHT." I know damn good and well this lady's last name isn't Wright. So the police, a short old black lady and middle aged white guy, get out their car and look around the house. They don't know what to do about the dogs. I know this lady should've looked out the window with the dogs barking like crazy. After surveying the scene, the cops ask me what I want to do. I told them I'd let the Fedex guy come back and try and get it and if not I'll give them a call. So the officer gives me their number and leave. Ten minutes later, Fedex guy shows up. First, he apologizes and tells me he got the house numbers mixed up. The house across the street number is 129. Mine is 126. He also told me how it went down at 9:34 AM. He said to her,"package for Wright?" And she shook her head and signed. Pretty darn f*cked up if you ask me. The driver honks the horn. She doesn't come out and the dogs are still going crazy. I know she saw us out there. The Fedex guy gives me his number and he says he has to leave to make other deliveries. I'm like,"WTF man, you messed this up and you're leaving?!" He leaves... 

So I called Fedex back and tell them that the driver failed because of the dogs. They tell me that they have to get an agent to come and get it and that it would take up to 24 hours. I lose it. "I'm not waiting for sh*t. You guys f*cked up and I'm not waiting 24 hours. I'm not going to bed with someone having something that doesn't belong to them. So the Fedex lady on the phone agrees and puts me on hold while she contacts a Fedex agent and the police. I'm standing in front of this lady's house while all of this is going. While on hold, she decides to come out and goes, "You looking for a package?" (I wonder how she knows that...) I'm like,"Yeah I'm looking for a f*cking package." She goes,"Oh. My boyfriend's name is Chris. I was going to give it to him because I didn't know where 126 was." Okay. WTF. This lady has been living across the street from me for the last 10-15 years and she doesn't know where 126 is? It even says 126 on my house. This shit storm started at 10 AM and it didn't end til around 5 PM. Now I'm extremely pissed. I know that she was going to keep it or try to sell it. It says how much I paid for the 360 on the box so she knew it was something expensive. I was going to get the police involved again to bust her for attempting to steal my mail and also for impersonating another person. Her name is Julie and my middle name is Jamal, so it's definitely possible. Alot of problems happen at that house across street and the cops were watching it a couple of weeks ago. I told my family that I was going to get the cops involved and they didn't want me to because I would move out soon and they would have to deal with the results of my actions. So now question was:
After thinking real hard about it, I figured out what I should do. I'm going to make her ass go to jail. I called Fedex again to see if I can get a visual of the way she signed for my package so I can give it to the police. They couldn't...they said only the shipper could (which is the company I ordered from). So two days ago, I sent an email to the company asking them to email me a copy of the signature. It's Sunday and I'm still waiting on the email. I'm at the point where I have to get a P.O. box to receive my mail so I can pick it up myself. I also ordered two other things, at two different times, from the same site on January 25th. They arrived to my city on the 30th. Only one made it to my house.  I went to every post office here and even called UPS. They don't know what happened to the other. The company I ordered from is forcing me to wait until the 15th business day, which would be the 16th before they can send a replacement........Wednesday. I'm waiting for you.

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