Tuesday, April 5, 2011

I'm Really Trying My Best...

...to like Naruto Shuppuden: Kizuna Drive. The main concept of this game is teamwork, but this game's CPU AI tells me something completely different. I'm at the point where this game is unplayable unless I find other people to play with. Enjoy the opening movie while I rip this game apart.

This game started off pretty good. I was enjoying the whole fact of working as a team until I got to later missions. I made it to Scenario Mission's Chapter 5 and have been stuck there for 4 days now. Chapter 5 consists of a battle against Shukaku (Gaara's Tailed Beast). As soon as the fight starts, 99 percent of the time Shukaku will fire a huge Chakra blast out of his mouth. What do you do? You GTFO the way! So I (controlling Naruto) run immediately to left to avoid the blast. The rest of my team, Hinata, Neji, and Rock Lee, are STILL F*CKING STANDING THERE. I watch in pain or should I say RAGE as their health meters decrease. Hinata, who is supposed to be the support character (Healer), is in a world of her own. when I walk up to her to heal me, she walks away......She doesn't even heal other characters. WTF GAME?!?!

One more mission to add to my fury. in Free Mission, there's a Rank C mission called Bonds. I had no choice but to use a support character (Sakura), to at least TRY and beat this mission. The goal of the mission is to survive for  7-8 minutes and have at least 100 "Kizuna Points", points that you receive for teamwork, which is something this game is lacking. Sakura, IMO, is one of the best characters in the game. Not only is she really powerful, but she's an amazing healer. She totes a healing jutsu as well as the ability to place healing tags on the ground. All of her abilities are thrown out the window once you start this mission. As soon as this mission starts, There's a few bombs scattered around. Kakashi immediately walks over one. -_- It was a pain in the ass to keep him and the rest of the team (Yamato and Shikamaru or Chouji) alive. They never ran over the healing tags to heal themselves and when I ran up to them to perform the healing jutsu, THEY F*UCKING RUN AWAY!!!!!!!! I did managed to beat the mission though. I reached the goal of 100 Kizuna Points, but I received a penalty for having a KO'D teammate...Today is my last day trying to beat these difficult missions like the Chapter 5 one mentioned above. I'm going to try and find real humans to play this game with or I'm going to say screw it and go play God Eater, which is probably better.

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