Monday, April 25, 2011

Nintendo Admits A New Console Is Coming

Nintendo Japan recently announced that a new console is coming in 2012 and we will have our first look at it at this year's E3. You and me. We have to go to E3. Everyone's been throwing out designs and features that this new console will come out with. I've yet to throw out any so here it does...or at least what I wish:

A master sword for all Zelda games.

Mario's hat so I can be granted the ability to throw virtual fireballs at enemies on screen.

Okay. Enough bullshitting. Nintendo isn't playing around. At least I don't think they are. Nintendo has waited around long enough and they've sat and watched as the other two competitors tried to copy the motion game (and slightly succeeded. Err maybe just the Kinect). I think Nintendo is going to set the bar high this time. We already can assume HD but what else does Nintendo have up their sleeve? Achievements? (I hope to God not) More motion control? Touch screen devices?
  • DS/3DS 
What I really hope to see is some kind of connectivity with the handhelds.  I haven't had any console/handheld fun since The Legend of Zelda: Four Swords Adventures.
  • Online Features 
Multiplayer is a huge feature for most gamers these so why not try to capture that crowd.
  • Controller
I'm definitely not a big fan of the Wii remotes. Make a controller that's accessible to everyone. I haven't completely not one game with the Wii remote. Classic!
  • Pokemon
May I plz haz a good pokeman game. can i haz actual pokeman noises too? I can't comprehend EEOOooEEErrrr!!!!

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