Monday, July 25, 2011

Project Diva Dreamy Theater 2nd Release Date

We so excited! Or rather I am. I just figured out how to edit songs on the PSP titles and transfer them to the first Dreamy Theater so it's more rewarding. Sega is delivering the game on August 4th for ¥3,900. A little more expensive than the first (¥3000), but I can live with that thanks to the added features. Dreamy theater the 2nd is touting the gameplay tweaks that came along with Project Diva 2nd such as the double notes and held notes. Also, Dreamy Theater 2nd will have 3D support which is awesome for people who have 3D TVs and pointless for people like me (I dont think 3D technology has fully been grasped in the States). Last but not least, if you've downloaded an DLC costumes, they'll appear in the game as well.

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