Monday, October 11, 2010

Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition DLC KO'D

Thanks Capcom USA for letting everyone know games are NOT about fun. A few days ago Yoshinori Ono flew over to Capcom USA's office to propose the idea. Here's a few notes from his failed attempt.

So what happened with the Arcade Edition DLC characters proposal Ono-san?

Ono: I couldn't got approval from [upper level staff], but I'll continue [the] proposal!!

Good luck on getting your bosses to approve DLC.

Ono: Thanks. So, I got approval from my boss, Keiji Inafune, but I can't [get] it from [upper level staff]. ;(

My hype died! I give up on wishing for Arcade Edition DLC for SSF4 since you didn't got approval! =(

Ono: I'm not giving up yet. ;D

I guess we might as well get ready for Super Duper Street Fighter IV Ultra Deluxe Edition for our consoles and more expensive alternate costumes. Ono also stated that he is working on another project.

SSF4 AE DLC wasn't approved, new project in the works [Event Hubs]

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