Saturday, October 16, 2010

Zenonia Fail.

Zenonia on iPhone = Great. Controls can get iffy sometimes.
Zenonia on DS = Great. D-pad control.
Zenonia on PS3 = Great (Even on a large HDTV and better D-pad control. There's a little delay while saving and returning to game.)
Zenonia on PSP = FAIL.

Seriously. How could this game NOT make a safe journey to PSP? It was released this past Tuesday in the Playstation Store. The game is so laggy. The cutscenes are somewhat smooth. The combat is slow and unresponsive and dashing doesn't even work properly. Opening the menu and navigating the menu is slow as well. There's even delay while trying to save the game. I'm using a slim 2000 with the newest firmware update. If you decide to purchase this game, you are better off enjoying it on the PS3. Don't waste your time copying it to the PSP. It will make for a boring car trip or have you looking like an ass for trying to show it off to friends like I did. :(

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  1. Thanks for the heads up. Psp games have been on the decline for a while. Where as the Dsi is taking off consistently. Sony is going to have to raise its standards for developers of games.