Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Malicious Finally Getting the Update It Deserves

I played through Malicious a couple of times making it to the last boss every time only to be crushed miserably and sent back to start all over. But finally, being crushed won't be so bad or either I won't be crushed at all. On January 25, Malicious is getting a huge update that includes, Easy Mode, which is good if you want to have fun while completing the game, not fun if you like to collect trophies. You also can't unlock extra modes for completing the game for playing in Easy Mode.

The best part about the update though has to be the button assignments and the camera. You can now choose the "Full Button" option which divides moves that were assigned to the same button. The camera speed and Auto-Target can also be changed as well. Last but not least, the camera movement has been adjusted to make it so that you don't lose sight of your character when you've targeted a large enemy. I guess it's time to dust off this downloadable title and give it another go!

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