Saturday, January 1, 2011

No Stopping EA

Those bastards at EA! Another beacon of hope to end this monopoly has failed. Last week a judge certified a class action lawsuit against Electronic Arts. The argument being made is that the company has overcharged (for roster updates) for the Madden franchise ever since signing the exclusive license deal with the NFL in 2005. The suit apparently has very little chance of being successful so I guess it's back to the bench to wait out the years left in this deal. A monopoly is a monopoly especially when I don't have an alternate choice for NFL football. EA is probably secretly funded by the government. And for all you Madden Curse fanatics, it may not seem like Drew Brees has been affected, but if you look at his stats from last year Drew Brees posted his highest QB rating in his career last year with a 109.6. Right now he's at a 92.2. I hope nothing crazy happens, but I do hope that the Falcons destroy the Saints if they meet up again in the playoffs!

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