Saturday, August 28, 2010

Oh No!! No Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep for the PSPgo

You saw this coming right? I definitely did! We all know that PSP modding or should I saw "custom firmware" is a thorn in Sony's ass. To try and combat this Sony released to PSPgo which still to this day no one has been able to hack. They also introduced digital downloads to support the handheld. I think the PSPgo was a a downright failure. It's like they made something that looked "cool" and then kicked it out the door. The PSPgo had the potential to be so much more but now we have the "community" making the older models of the PSP what they should've been. Fun. Not fun as in playing games illegally but fun as in the creative aspect (such as themes). I'll talk about that later in another post.

I think Square Enix's decision to release this title as UMD-only is letting you know that they have amazing fans out there. They know they've created an amazing product and they know that this game will sell well regardless of not being sold digitally. How many of you out there own a PSPgo anyway? Five, right? Thought so. I'm kidding. Arizona Daily Star's writer Phil Villarreal and IGN contacted Square Enix and they responded:

"Square Enix, Inc. currently has no plans to release Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep through the PlayStation Store."

This commercial right here would have you thinking it would be available for the Go. The deception!!! Hopefully it'll be released online after the game has it's run.

No "Go" for Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep [because i told you so]


  1. funny shit about the PSPgo.
    to date, i only know one person who owns one, and thats only because his first seven PSPs broke.....the go doesn't look like its gonna last much longer either.

    i was never really crazy about the PSPgo, i think i just love the original design the most. plus i like my UMDs lol. i know you've seen the KHBBS PSP (i think it's so sexy)

  2. i know. i'm mad it's not coming out here...instead they give us some silly stickers with the design