Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Atlus No More

As reported earlier, which I didn't post, a representative from Index Holdings announced that Atlus will be dissolved. Atlus, already fully owned by the company, will merge with the mobile division of the company which is named "Index." The Atlus brand will exist on future games but Atlus will no longer be listed in the Tokyo Stock Exchange. Sad but at least we'll still have the Atlus logo on their releases. I personally believe decline in games come from lack of innovation or interest which could also be people unwilling to try to new things. But don't consider that the reason for this move though. Especially with games like Catherine and Persona 5 on the way. Also recently announced from Atlus is Persona 3 Social. It's a mobile game (hah) that's free, but players will have to pay for in-game items. Check out the screens below.

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