Saturday, August 7, 2010

Hatsune Miku Dreamy Theater Help

So I know there are alot of Hatsune Miku fans out there and Dreamy Theater is I guess fanservice or a thank you gift from Sega. For those who don't know who Hatsune Miku is, you can read about that here. You can also find out more information here. Anyways, let's get started. First off all you DO NOT need the UMD (even though you should. I own it!). I'm going to list step by step exactly what I did. I already have a PSP that's "tainted" and I couldn't bare to upgrade the firmware so I bought a PSP from Craigslist for 65 bucks. A slim, black, 2000 series. Win. I disagree with CFW and I do buy PSP games but I also believe that Sony should allow more freedom and creativity with it's handheld. I'll save that discussion for another day. Alright lets go!!!
  1. I tainted my PSP with Gen-A CFW. (Don't ask me what that is.). (It was running 3.80 OFW)
  2. I ran Hatsune Miku and created a brand new save file. (You cannot download someone else's save file. It has to be created from your PSP.)
  3. I updated my PSP to 6.20 OFW.
  4. I installed the Dreamy Theater PSP client on my memory stick.
  5. I started up the Dreamy Theater PSP client while at the start screen of Dreamy Theater on PS3.
  6. While at this screen to the right press circle on the PSP twice and then X on the PS3 controller. 
  7. Enjoy!!!

This game also has trophies. Credits to Project Diva forum on  The PSP is required to unlock them.

There are 3 more bronze trophies which were hidden. 
  1. Play for 39 Hrs
  2. Play for 65 Hrs and 39 Mins (3939 mins)
  3. Start over 39 Times
Feel free to ask questions!!! It was pretty simple though. Got it working on the first try!


  1. Hello!

    I have to ask something.

    My friend will buy a PSP 3000.
    But for a while, he will use the "downloaded" version of the game.
    So, I don't have a PSP, but I want to play the game in my PS3.

    The question is: I need to plug-in the PSP for the second time that I want to play?

    Sorry for the bad english.
    And thanks!

  2. You will need the PSP every time you play it :(

  3. You don't need the actual game itself. All you need is a save file that was created from the game on your PSP. After that you won't need the game any more just the client that comes from PSN after you download Dreamy Theater.

  4. Ok, thanks.

    But is there a way to play the game without the PSP?

    Maybe I will need to buy a PSP only to play Project Diva~

  5. There's no way to play it without the PSP. It will only send you back to the start screen :(

  6. hello can you tell me how to work this i don't have a japanese psn card so this is the website

  7. Okay i need help and i would love to play this game on my psp so i got the game how do i make the save from or where do i make one do i make one on dreamy theater or the original game and how do i make it? also when you plug it in your ps3 where do you go?

  8. are you using cfw or do you have the actual game? either way, you make one on the original game. when you download the game from psn it should also bpt an app for you to install on your psp. install that on your psp. start the game and then start the app on your psp. the actual psn game wont let you do anything unless the psp is already connected with the app running

  9. So if i got the dreamy theater from those sites online (not original) and also Project Diva (not original), will it work? or the dream theater has to be downloaded from the PS3?

  10. i just download the game from the site above(the ffinsider) and i can run it, but after 2 step from "press start button" and i plug the usb cable to the ps3 it doesnt do anything. in the ps3 there a writing "an unkown usb cable is connected to the ps3" so what should i do? or I must have a HD TV? my TV is not a HD TV

  11. umh.... so I still have to buy the game from PSN? Or can I use the .iso file from that site up there?
    and if I can use that .iso file, where do I place it? in the PS3? or in my PSP? and where in the PS3?
    Sorry I would really like to play this game on my PS3 :D